does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

Having three kids under the age of six is quite exciting. We never have a dull moment in our house and often have injuries and illnesses that need to be tended to by a doctor. I have learned a lot over the past six years about when a child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately and when certain things can wait until their regular pediatrician is available. I created this blog to help other parents learn about the injuries and illnesses that their children may experience when a doctor isn't available to take a child to whenever these things happen.


Treating Your Arthritis With Infusion Treatments

Arthritis is a common condition that people will develop as they age. It can have an extreme impact on a person's life as it can create extreme discomfort as well as potentially impair a person's ability to engage in the activities that they like as well as hinder their work performance. While arthritis is a common condition for individuals to develop as they age, the available treatments for this condition are often poorly appreciated by patients. Arthritis infusions are a treatment that can be extremely effective for patients that suffer from both mild and severe arthritis.

Is An Arthritis Infusion Administered The Same Way As An Injection?

Individuals that have been diagnosed with arthritis may first try a series of injections to help address the inflammation and pain that developing arthritis can cause. This can lead to patients assuming that infusion treatments are essentially the same as injection-based therapies. In reality, infusion arthritis treatments will be administered in much the same way that a normal IV will be administered. This can allow for the medication to be delivered straight into the patient's bloodstream where it can be absorbed by the body. Due to this difference, a patient can expect this type of treatment to take slightly longer than injections, but they can be more targeted and potentially more effective.

Do You Only Need To Undergo An Arthritis Infusion Treatment Once?

Unfortunately, arthritis is a degenerative condition that can not be fully reversed. However, infusion treatments can be effective for providing somewhat long-lasting results for patients. When a person receives infusion treatments, they may enjoy benefits for many weeks to months before they may need to undergo this procedure again. This can minimize the disruptions that patients will experience while still providing an effective treatment option for their arthritis symptoms.

Will The Arthritis Infusion Treatment Process Be Painful?

Injections for treating arthritis can be somewhat painful due to the amount and type of medications that may be injected. This may lead to a person assuming that these infusions will also be extremely painful. However, this is not the case as they will also tend to be more diluted. In most cases, a patient is likely to only experience a mild pricking sensation when the needle for the infusion therapy is first inserted into the skin. The limited discomfort that this treatment will cause can avoid the need for anesthetics or other medications to numb the area that is receiving the infusion.

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