does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

Having three kids under the age of six is quite exciting. We never have a dull moment in our house and often have injuries and illnesses that need to be tended to by a doctor. I have learned a lot over the past six years about when a child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately and when certain things can wait until their regular pediatrician is available. I created this blog to help other parents learn about the injuries and illnesses that their children may experience when a doctor isn't available to take a child to whenever these things happen.



3 Questions To Ask Your New Cardiologist During Your Initial Consultation

After being referred to a cardiologist for treatment, it's a good idea to schedule an initial consultation to get to know them before your first official appointment takes place. Here are a few things you should ask during that consultation that should help you prepare for the care you'll be receiving from your new cardiologist: What Kinds of Tests Will You Take? There are a variety of different tests your cardiologist might want to perform on you, so it's a good idea to ask about them ahead of time and learn what you can expect throughout the testing process. Read More