does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

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How a Specialist Can Treat Your Allergy Symptoms with Immunotherapy

Are you tired of walking around with red and watery eyes all of the time? You may be suffering from an allergy that can be treated with immunotherapy after you have been properly diagnosed. Find out below how a specialist can control your allergy symptoms with immunotherapy, as well as what treatment is expected to cost.

What Makes Immunotherapy Ideal for Allergy Symptoms?

Immunotherapy is a way to get rid of allergy symptoms when other forms of treatment are unsuccessful, such as taking oral medications. Treatment will basically involve you getting injected on a long-term basis, which should eventually make your body immune to the things responsible for your allergy flare-ups. The specialist will have to first figure out what triggers your allergy symptoms, as the same allergens responsible is what will be injected into your body in small amounts.

Immunotherapy will begin with a buildup phase that involves injections in your upper arm at least a few times per week (at the discretion of the specialist). Each dose in the injections will be gradually increased during the buildup phase, as it is meant to get your body used to the allergens. The specialist will monitor your health for a while after each injection in case you have a severe allergic reaction.

The next part of immunotherapy is how you will get treated until your symptoms go away, and it is called the maintenance phase. Maintenance is only done to keep your body used to having the allergens in it and prevent a sudden flare-up of symptoms. You don't need as many injections during the maintenance phase because your body will already be in the process of becoming immune. You will likely only need one injection per month until your immunotherapy treatment is complete, which can take up to five years.

What Does Treating Allergy Symptoms with Immunotherapy Cost?

The price for the vials of allergens that will be injected into your body is estimate at $100 for ten of them, but that is the price without health insurance coverage. Getting the shots injected will lead to an additional fee that is estimated at up to $100 for each time they are administered. You are only looking to spend up to 40% of the costs if you have health insurance coverage. Get in touch with an immunotherapy specialist like Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Wyoming LLC so he or she can start treating your allergy symptoms as soon as possible!