does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

Having three kids under the age of six is quite exciting. We never have a dull moment in our house and often have injuries and illnesses that need to be tended to by a doctor. I have learned a lot over the past six years about when a child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately and when certain things can wait until their regular pediatrician is available. I created this blog to help other parents learn about the injuries and illnesses that their children may experience when a doctor isn't available to take a child to whenever these things happen.


Guarantee Cardiac Safety And Peace Of Mind - Maintaining Your Automated External Defibrillator

Cardiac arrest can strike at any time and in any place, and to combat that threat, many people have begun purchasing and installing automated external defibrillators, or AEDs for their clinics and First Aid Kits. If you've recently purchased an AED, it's important that you recognize that simply buying the device won't guarantee that it's always in the best condition.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to maintain your AED. Following these suggestions will guarantee that you can provide the quick response you desire if the time ever comes.

Battery Checks

Defibrillators operate by deploying a high intensity shock of electricity to the heart in an attempt to restore its natural rhythm. As such, perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining an AED is making sure that its power source is functioning correctly and at its highest capacity.

You should regularly check that your AED batteries are fully charged and within their expiration date. Many AEDs contain a display light that should provide you with a warning when the batteries are beginning to wane, and keeping a few extra batteries on hand for those occurrences can be a wise investment.

Pad Upkeep

Many people don't realize that the battery isn't the only component of an AED that has an expiration date. The pads which are applied to the victim expire as well, so maintaining their replacement schedule is also an important task. Without correctly functioning pads, attempting to use a fully charged AED may make a serious medical situation even worse.

You should be sure to maintain a full compliment of replacement AED pads and keep them in a sealed container until the time comes when they need to be deployed. You should also keep in mind that the adherent gel which is applied to the pads needs to be stocked and within its expiration date as well.

Other Supplies

Keeping a small medical kit on hand near an AED is a great way to make sure that it functions at its greatest capacity. A safety razor for removing chest hair, small scissors for cutting through clothes, and safety gloves and towels are all important tools that you should be sure to keep on hand. Stocking up on these items will guarantee that you can provide the necessary treatment as quickly as possible, and will greatly improve the usefulness of your AED.

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